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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Twelve-Wait, Slow Down!

I am ashamed to say that I've let myself fall behind... but I'm not telling you how far behind :D It's only a few days, really, but it seems like a huge amount. So, to distract you from myself, I'm going to let ya'll see something my sister, Emma (14 yr. old) did :)
So, there's this thing called artPad on art.com, and Emma has been going there and drawing. You do it all on the computer, with either a touch pad or a mouse, and I tried it for a few minutes and got bored because it was really hard to make even a simple drawing on it. Lo and behold! Emma had been working at it for several hours, and she did a picture of Snow White from the Disney cartoon (looking at a picture and drawing from that), and then I sent her the link to a picture of Santa Claus, and she drew that as well.
The neat thing about artPad is that you can replay it so that you can see how she did it, basically, just sped up.
Here's the link to Santa Claus: http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?lukd8tvb38c (You can speed up the drawing, or skip to the end if you want).
Aaaand, here's Snow White: http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?luk3j616tga8
Now, what do ya'll think about those? She's a very good artist on paper, as well. She's got really good hand eye coordination obviously, and apparently a very steady hand, too!
Well, I'm off to write more NaNoWriMo!

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