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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Place to Call Home

I found this lovely poem on Fanfiction.net yesterday, and I just had to post it here (with the author's permission, of course). It is a poem from Gimli's point of view, musing on the glittering caves beneath Helm's Deep. It's so rare to find good poetry that moves the heart to wonder and lets you see the beauty it describes; and, best of all, it rhymes and has a good rhythmic flow to it. So, here it is:

'Twas on the day the Wall was blown
My eyes the joy of light were shown
As Horsemen fought their lands to save
There I beheld a wondrous cave!
Amidst the gore of battle fierce
Its beauty bright my heart did pierce
Beyond Deep walls by orc defiled
Its beauty ran untamed and wild
At battle's end when all lay still
This Dwarf returned to take his fill
Of columns yellow, white and rose
Ebony pools in sweet repose
Great caverns stretched both far and tall
And crystals lit the polished wall
With ceilings high and flowing air
Its beauty was beyond compare

Oh brilliant light! Beauteous gleam!
Bewitching sight! Enchanted dream!
Whose fair walls shine with gems and ore
These Dwarven eyes thy halls adore!

There is no land of Men so fair
As what my eyes have seen in there
No Moria, no Rivendell
Could e'er ensnare my heart so well
No golden hall with gilded dome
Could e'er aspire to be my home
For peace and joy my soul has found
In Nature's garden under ground
Her flowers line the soil of wall
Their colours bright the eye enthral
Her vines be sprawling veins of gold
That warm the heart when day is cold
Her silent lakes be pools of dew
Serene and calm their waters true
Her caverns deep within the earth
Give weary feet a homely berth

Oh splendour pure! Delightful place!
Enticing lure! Unrivalled grace!
Whose glory none could e'er ignore
I name thee home for ever more!

Now Elves may tend their forests green
And Nature's blessings may be seen
Wherever they imbue the grace
That lingers in their song's embrace
But Dwarven touch may too be kind
In passages that roll and wind
Beneath the mountain obdurate
Our hands may tend and cultivate
And mayhap Men may till their land
To see it flourish by their hand
Reward of all their hardened toil
May soon be seen on fertile soil
But Dwarven hands may labour too
In places where no others do
In stone and rock our fingers sow
As Dwarven lamps set caves aglow

Oh mighty halls! Glorious scene!
Bejewelled walls! Alluring sheen!
Whose beauty makes my spirit sing
No other home such joy could bring!



  1. I loved this! Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  2. It's beautiful. I usually don't care for poetry, but this is quite amazing.