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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Erasthinia and the Carthelim

Pronunciation- EER-us-theen-yuh
Erasthinia is, I think, the first country I made up for the world I've been writing about for the last four years. I wrote a book called The War for Erasthinia, which, although I realize now that it wasn't that great of a book (in parts rather embarrassing, in fact), it did lay the foundation for the rest of the stories I've written, especially about Arvindia. In that book, a war takes place between the Erasthinians and an invading sorcerer. At the end, after a terrible battle in which the sorcerer is wounded, and many Erasthinian soldiers killed, the remaining soldiers and their families, and many other people from that country, board ships and sail away, abandoning their land to the sorcerer. Meaning to go to Lecartin, they are blown off course and arrive in an uninhabited land, which they call Arvindia.
So, The War for Erasthinia may have been rather juvenile, but it did lay the groundwork for the rest of my stories about that world.
In 'Red Sea Rising', the fact that the Erasthinians fled from a sorcerer is a theme which runs throughout.
Not a lot is known about Erasthinia, because now that the sorcerer rules it, and has for hundreds of years, no trade takes place between it and the other countries. Many people believe that the sorcerer is one of the Carthelim, five extremely powerful and evil sorcerers. If/when one of them is killed, the remaining four will take another magician and train him to be a Carthelim.
Perhaps one of the reasons that the Erasthinians lost the war is because a jealous nobleman's son, Keldrin, betrayed the king's favorite captain, a young man named Kinlar, to the sorcerer. Kinlar eventually escaped, after killing Keldrin in single combat, but the absence of a brilliant captain probably contributed to the downfall of the Erasthinian kingdom.

Which country would ya'll like to see next: Arvindia, Rinadrion, Belvia, or Bynthybria?

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