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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Arvindia is probably my favorite country I've made up. I don't know why. Maybe I like the name a lot, or, something... anyways, this post will be about the origin of Arvindia and things like that.
Arvindia was discovered when the Erasthinians fled from a sorcerer who had conquered their land. They had been headed for Lecartin when they were blown off course, and they found themselves on a beautiful island. At first they built near the coast, and after a while they made Rollendin (who had been the commander of the Royal Fleet in Erasthinia) king of the new land, which they named Arvindia.
They thought that they were the only ones on the island besides animals, but they soon found out differently. A group of men went out to climb three mountains which stood together about one hundred and fifty miles from the towns, and they never came back. Another party went out to learn what had happened, and they did not come back either. When a third group went out, it was soon discovered what was wrong: the three mountains were infested with goblins. The mountains became known as the Goblingulf Mountains, and the goblins, seeing the Arvindians as invaders, began to attack their towns and villages.
A long war was started, with intervals of peace, for several hundred years, until the time of King Rinlar the Second, when it was ended. At this point, the tale of Red Sea Rising begins.
The Arvindians value advice very highly, and the most powerful nobleman in the kingdom is one whom the king has appointed as his chief counselor. Also, because of their ancestors fleeing from a sorcerer, they tend to view all magic with suspicion, even magic which is not, of itself, evil.
Arvindia imports very little besides gold (which is found only in small quantities in that land), as they are able to grow and produce most of what they need. Their chief exports are several kinds of wine which they are well known for, wheat, and silver.
If anyone has any questions about Arvindia, please ask me!

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