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Friday, August 12, 2011

Amira, and our new baby!

Well, because I really didn't want Amira to die after all, I had already been thinking up a second part. It's up on ApricotPie, now: Part Two of Amira, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I myself liked it, but of course, that's just the author's humble (not!) opinion.
Another big piece of news is that my baby sister was born on August 2. Her name is Faith Evelyn. I'll post pictures right here for ya'll to see. Notice the thick, dark hair!

The first two were taken on the night she came back from the hospital. Hannah (9) is holding her.
 This is Emma (14) holding James and Faith. Note James' bored expression :)
 Here is James holding Faith and smiling fondly at her
Faith wasn't too happy at the time... 
 Here I am, holding her
She was hungry :P And those are Emma and Hannah in the background.

She is a real darling, and everyone is always wanting to hold her. I think she'll get plenty of love and spoilings!


  1. Faith is just beautiful! I was actually born with hair a lot like hers, thick and black, but then it turned blond. I wonder if hers will stay as it is?
    Congratulations to you and your family on your beautiful new treasure!
    (And I've been trying all day to get enough time free to read Amira Part 2 on AP. I'm so anxious to see what you've done with it! Maybe after I get the dinner dishes done...)

  2. I was born with a lot of dark hair as well (though not as much as hers), and now it's basically the color of your hair, from what I can see in your picture :) Sarah (who is 12) is the only one of my siblings whose hair has stayed black, but Pa and Ma both have dark hair.